The True Story Of The Attempted Murder Of Jesus Christ
(Availbale in English And Spanish Language)

Do you want to have a better life? Do you want to have a closer relationship with God? Haven’t so many of us lost so much from covid-19 that we all want these things? You see the uniqueness of this book, “The True Story of the Attempted Murder of Jesus Christ” ,as seen on the Hillsong Channel, is that the apostle Paul who’s writings are in the Bible knows the same truth that I expose in this book READ MORE


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About Me

Orlando Fioravanti was born in the early 70’s and at a young age he was brought up in and roamed the mean streets of Philadelphia. At age 16 Orlando was introduced into a life of crime by being given the opportunity to become a large scale cocaine dealer. A few years later he was living the life as a shot caller whereas Orlando assembled his own crew to carry out most of the criminal endeavors and to insulate him from the prosecution of the Feds. But after over a decade of living the good life of money, women and power, without a conviction Orlando slipped up and was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
While in prison Orlando focused his time on acquiring knowledge through the reading of books through a loaned book program with the state free library system wherein through this system Orlando studied subjects such as business, accounting, computers, CAD, computer tech in newer model cars, overall human anatomy, health and nutrition in regards to health and bodybuilding. He received his certification as a personal trainer and fancies himself a self acclaimed nutritionist. Along with that Orlando spent 2 years in study of Pennsylvania law to become a blackstone certified paralegal, whereafter representing many defendants in their appeals of their criminal convictions whereas winning a good percentage of his cases Orlando acquired the honored reputation as a “jailhouse lawyer”.
It was from researching, writing, and then typing 50 page legal briefs to some of the most powerful Judges in Pennsylvania, that Orlando found a natural bridge to becoming a writer now that his 15 year sentence is behind him and he is ready to take his 15 years of study and begin writing.
You see, during his incarceration Orlando experienced a religious awakening and understanding as he has studied deeply over a decade the subject of Christianity and its history, not to mention leaning on his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for guidance and grace. During his time in the Christian community within the prison system Orlando championed the cause of religious freedoms behind bars whereas Orlando used his education as a paralegal to produce civil lawsuits against the state prison system for not allowing the inmates to freely practice true first century Christianity. Today, due to Orlando’s tirelessly litigating the various subjects all Christian inmates in the Pennsylvania D.O.C. may freely practice their religion without restriction.
Today Orlando lives quietly in the suburbs just outside Philadelphia, he has put his past criminal life behind him and has focused his attention to his up and coming books and the many messages he will produce through his books for all who search for truth and understanding

Her 5 Erotic Letters

Her 5 Erotic Letters To Me A Look Into Love

Are you tired of reading books that are just imagined erotica from the mind of the author? Fake stories that will always be just that: fiction? If we could, wouldn’t we love to capture a sound recording of two people who are actually in love speaking to each other in private about how their passion burns for each other?

A passion so strong and unique because the couple who are in love are also engaged and have agreed not to have sex until after marriage.

The Art of Ridin Dirty


The Art of Ridin Dirty is former Philadelphia gangster Orlando Fioravanti’s take on over 14 years of experience in the trade of transporting contraband. In the book Orlando takes the reader on an epic journey throughout his life entailing his own experiences with narcotics trafficking and the lessons he has learned throughout.


The Memoirs of an American Teenage Gangster

White Rhino is the true life story of reputed Philadelphia Italian gangster Orlando Fioravanti’s change from living a life of crime to a life of serving God.

In the book Orlando takes you back in time to the mid 1980’s when he was just a teen-ager but at that time was given the rare opportunity to distribute cocaine in large quantities in the Philadelphia tri-state area.


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