Contemplating Suicide

Today I want to talk about suicide. If you are contemplating suicide from the pain you are suffering inside I want you to stop and just breathe for a moment a Though we are each different with individual issues we all can understand the suffering that we all encounter as we progress on with our […]

Ben Courson’s latest book

This is my friend Ben Courson’s latest book “Flirting With Darkness” which deals with depression, anxiety and suicide. Ben is a Christian preacher who travels the globe preaching and teaching about how God can save you from depression, anxiety and even suicide as Ben teaches from his many years of personal experience on the subject. […]


It was a warm spring day and I had just blown back into town as I sat at the neighborhood watering hole. In walks Michelle, a friend of over 30 years and it’s like sunshine coming through the door. I hadn’t seen her in about 15 years and as we talked she told me all […]