Her 5 Erotic Letters To Me A Look Into Love

Are you tired of reading books that are just imagined erotica from the mind of the author? Fake stories that will always be just that: fiction? If we could, wouldn’t we love to capture a sound recording of two people who are actually in love speaking to each other in private about how their passion burns for each other? A passion so strong and unique because the couple who are in love are also engaged and have agreed not to have sex until after marriage. Oh, if we could only capture a recording of what these two love birds say to each other when they are all alone and lying in bed next to each other.
Well, I have the next best thing for you. I have 5 erotic letters between this engaged couple. I call it Christian Erotica because the couple decided to write these letters to each other to release the sexual tension between them. And as a result they honored God and honored themselves by not having sex before marriage.
So, wouldn’t you like to feel that you are in love again? Wouldn’t you like to feel a past love that you lost? Wouldn’t you like to imagine a love that you never had? Well, here you can as you read the real words only these two people in love tell each other in private. So private that by the time you finish reading these 5 love letters you will definitely have the connection and the release you are looking for.

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