The True Story Of The Attempted Murder Of Jesus Christ

Do you want to have a better life? Do you want to have a closer relationship with God? Haven’t so many of us lost so much from covid-19 that we all want these things? You see the uniqueness of this book, “The True Story of the Attempted Murder of Jesus Christ” ,as seen on the Hillsong Channel, is that the apostle Paul who’s writings are in the Bible knows the same truth that I expose in this book. A truth that God has Graced me with knowing from my over 15 years of study of the Bible. A truth that rarely has ever been written about until me, well except for Paul. You are about to discover a truth that God placed in the Bible almost 2000 years ago. A truth that is meant to be discovered in our time because the truth’s full wisdom can only be fully understood by us going back only a couple hundred years ago. Where at this time God has only Graced us to have the letters we do have from Paul and the letter where Paul writes about the story in this book is missing. But Paul did write about the truth contained in this book but no one has ever understood what exactly Paul was writing in the Bible about until now!. And soon you will too when you finish reading this book! Now imagine yourself alive over 2000 years ago at the first Christmas when a star appeared in the sky marking the birth of a great king. Go along with me as we travel with the wise men who follow this star which leads us to Jerusalem where we continue this search for this great boy King we all know today as Jesus Christ. Walk with me through the Bible and the actual historical records so as to learn the truth to this over 2000 year old Christmas mystery, where I say mystery because king Herod, the one whom we have always been told was the one who attempted to murder Jesus Christ when He was just a child may not in fact be the culprit to the plot. In the end when the true mastermind is finally revealed see how knowing this emerald of truth can bring forth in your own life blessings and a closer relationship with God today in our modern time, tomorrow and perhaps forever.