The Memoirs of an American Teenage Gangster

White Rhino is the true life story of reputed Philadelphia Italian gangster Orlando Fioravanti’s change from living a life of crime to a life of serving God.

In the book Orlando takes you back in time to the mid 1980’s when he was just a teen-ager but at that time was given the rare opportunity to distribute cocaine in large quantities in the Philadelphia tri-state area.

Due to Orlando’s connection with the plug he spent 12 years living the shot caller lifestyle, as he takes you on the ins and outs of the game and all that comes with it like women, money and even movie stars. Travel along all those years with Orlando and his crew of three that he would assemble to insulate him from the bullets and the feds.

Whereas, it wouldn’t be until 14 years after Orlando begun living a lifestyle of a king in America that he would finally be busted and sentenced to 15 years of hard time.

Walk with Orlando through the old penitentiary as it was called then, to see, hear and smell what it was like to do hard time. So hard that due to Orlando tussling with a prison guard he was thrown in the RHU, better known as the hole for a one year torture session with the guards.

It was during that time that Orlando had his “awakening moment” with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that he turned his life over to God and began to take an active role in the church within the prison system in Pennsylvania as an advocate for Christian rights behind bars.

Orlando continued in that role for many years until his final release of sentence and now lives out in the community continuing his work for God.

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